Carol Harrison’s Client Testimonials

“You have enlightened me more than all of the vets, holistic doctors, and other animal communicators. Thank your your insightful assistance.”

Andrea, CT

“Thank you so much for your messages. I now have a deep sense of peace regarding her transition. I am deeply moved.”

Vicki, MI

“Your information was most helpful. My cat seems to sense that his family is trying so hard to help him. He is playful again. I haven’t seen him like this for a long time.”

Bea, WI

“It is so comforting to hear from Mattie now that she has passed. Knowing she is fine and I can still communicate with her Spirit gives me great peace of mind. She confirmed that it was her time, and I did the right thing. That relieves me of years of guilt I do not have to feel. Thank you so much!”

Kay, OH

“I have had the joy of being on Carol’s table and under her amazing hands a number of times. And so appreciative of her help with healing for myself and my four-legged.”

Terrie, NC

“Yes, Carol is very intuitive! She has such a loving, caring heart for people, animals, and all of nature. It has been a pleasure to work with her!”

Jackie, NC

“Carol Harrison is one of the kindest, most sensitive people I know.   I myself am an intuitive empath, and have been, seemingly from birth.  I can spot an empath a mile away, and she’s undoubtedly one.  Carol’s empathic skill appears to be tuned into animals.  She can perceive their issues, needs, hurts, and concerns whether she is present to the animal or not.  I once lost my Italian Greyhound in the highest of the Appalachian Mountains in the middle of winter when the temperature never got above freezing.  Of course I was beside myself.   Carol could not have been more helpful.  She gave me advice about where he was and how he was, and she made it clear he’d be found and would be alright.  I was so afraid I doubted her message.  After four days and nights this fourteen inch tall dog with no fat or fur was found, perfectly OK, even with no frostbite on his ear tips.  Carol was tuned in, and I’m grateful.

Carol is also a wonderful speaker.  She speaks at the Spiritual Light Center in Franklin which I administrate.  Her giftedness flows through her words and expression.  We’re so grateful for her!”

Beth, NC